We ate at Rooster's on Saturday night.

I am not really qualified to do much in the nature of restaurant reviews, but I enjoyed this place and I'm always on the lookout for a good place to eat in Charlotte.

First, it had a really good vibe.  The energy was great and everyone was having a good time.  I'm not sure whether it's always like that because the CIAA Tournament was in town and Charlotte gets a little more fun when it's inundated by sports fans, but I can tell you that it was loud (in a good way) and people were having a good time.

We waited at the bar and I enjoyed it.  I think if you need to be somewhere you'd definitely be advised to make a reservation, but if you don't mind waiting they have a great bar.  The bartenders were awesome and took care of us.

The menu was really nice.  I will make a little side note that it was an ala carte menu which kind of aggravates me.  I think if you're going to charge $14 for a little piece of salmon, you ought to throw the green beans in with it, ya know? 

But it is an ala carte menu so we paid extra for the green beans and the potatos.

They have a really nice wine list, a really nice cheese course and the service was all around excellent, including our server, Tim.  We did not have dessert, but I saw other people with it and I will definitely try some the next time I'm there.

So if you're looking for an excellent meal and a good time, check out Rooster's in South Park.  I think you'll be happy.


  1. I'm going to read between the lines here...SO GLAD that you had a fun night ;) I'm wishing for the best for you, Kid!

  2. We had a nice time.


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