New Sheets


If I had to make a list of things that I wouldn't want to live without, nice sheets would be right up near the top.  

Bad sheets are something that I cannot abide.  

For the past couple of months I've been thinking that I needed to get some new sheets because mine are getting dingy.  They are great sheets and they are so soft and wonderful that I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of them.  But I decided I'd to shop for a sale on some new ones.

Now, good sheets are not necessarily inexpensive and while I don't expect to buy them without a certain amount of pain, it has also been my experience that you can get really good ones at Macy's if you shop the sales.  And so I did this weekend, and bought two new sets of snowy white sheets.  I ran them through two cycles of the washer but they're still not broken in enough.  They'll get there, though.   What they lack in buttery softness, they make up for with what I would classify as "crispness."  In any event, I am quite enjoying them.

The old ones are washed and in the linen closet.  And if anybody knows how to get the dingy out of them, please let me know. 

Image:  Clothes Line by Castle Cat Studios.


  1. Can you take your old sheets to your dry cleaner for a bit of whitening and some starch to crisp them up?

  2. I just ordered some bluing. I cannot find any in Charlotte. My grandmother used to use it on sheets. We'll see if it helps. How's the new pup?

  3. Oh, I think they sell bluing at Gracious Home in NYC. Let me know if you ever need any- I could pop some in the post. Thanks for asking about the pup. She is beyond sweet and relishes attention, and has warmed up even more to us in the last two days. As would be expected, she is completely freaked out by the NYC sights, sounds, smells and traffic. Until this morning, she refused to pee on the pavement. It was a big victory when it happened and I must have looked like a crazy girl having an extremely animated big ole live treat party on the street with her...positive reinforcement is key! Our girl definitely has had some sadness in her past- she had a nightmare the other evening and it was heartbreaking...her little chest was heaving and her nose was quivering like crazy. Our terrier, Teddy, has been a pretty good big brother to her. There's no way she would be comfortable staying in our apartment during the day while we're at work without Teddy. I am hopeful that in time she will be fully relaxed and happy.

  4. Bless her little heart. I am sure that Teddy will be a great friend and comfort. Mine are much happier together than they would be apart, I think.


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