Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen

You know that I am, among many, many other things, a child of the seventies.

My best friend from law school Facebooked me this weekend, while out on a date with her husband and said "I just heard 'Hey Nineteen' on the radio and I thought of you.  Remember how Steely Dan got us through law school?"

That made me really happy.  Both that she thought of me and that she thought of us.

And I did remember, too.  Steely Dan got me through law school and more than that.


  1. Steely Dan rocks! I remember entering the Grove Park Inn one evening and the band in their lobby played an amazing cover of Peg...it was magical!

  2. I had to open iTunes and listen to the song before I knew what you were talking about. I am a child of the 80s.


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