The French Laundry Cookbook


This book is nothing but beautiful.  You should know that going in.  

If you like to cook, it will interest you and inspire you and may even send you running out to Dean & Deluca or your local specialty food store to look for ingredients that you've never before heard of. 

But don't buy it and think you're going to actually make any of the recipes because you're not and you can't and so don't even pretend that you will.   After reading my way through it, I thought I might be able to make the lasagna, but even that, I'm not really sure about.  

If you love cookbooks or you love reading about food or you just want something pretty to decorate your kitchen with, buy this book.  At a minimum you'll be impressed with Thomas Keller's commitment to offal, quality butter and perfectly trussed chickens.

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