Happy Monday!


I could sit here and act like I have anything to say right now that is the least bit UN-related to West Virginia's win this weekend, but it would be shallow and a lie.

I am overjoyed with this team.  This means so much to us.  As a school, as a state.  I think I can speak for West Virginia when I tell you how very proud we are of this team and how much their sportsmanship and joy and confidence has meant to us all.

West Virginia LOVES it's Mountaineers.

And the Bee Charmer loves them, too.

I think it's going to be a great week and I can't promise that I'll be able to tone it down very much.  If we actually win this thing, I may very well become unbearable!

But for now, I'll thank you all for bearing with me.  This is a momentous occasion and deserves to be celebrated!

So Let's GO MOUNTAINEERS!  All the way to Indianapolis!!!
Image:  Choose Happiness by Sweet Blue Photography.

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