Happy Friday!

Thank GOD it's Friday!

Has this been a long week for anyone else?  It seems to me like it's gone on forever.  I don't know whether it's my upcoming vacation or a longing to be playing in the spring weather, but my days at work this week have been interminable!

I am shopping this weekend.  I need to look for some shoes.  I need some spring tops.  I think I want some colored cardigans from Ann Taylor.

I also have a bug up my butt to shop for silver rings this weekend.  I may run over the Handpicked and see what they've got.  Do y'all have Handpicked where you live?  I know that they are in Charlotte and there is one in Charleston, South Carolina.  I'm not sure how wide spread they are.

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to the Kate Spade website to look at the sale merchandise.  They were having an extra 25% off the final sale price, which was bad enough, but then I found a coupon code online and got an additional 20% off and ended up buying 2 leather Kate Spade bags for $250.00.  With free shipping.

How are you gonna turn that down?

I submit to you that you would be crazy to say no to that deal.

So I bought them.  A gold metallic Wellesley Quinn and a white patent leather Tutti Frutti Maryanne.

I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm also going for my massage tonight, which I'm pretty pumped about.  My hip is bugging a little bit lately and the massages seem to be getting it under control.

So have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday.
Image:  Pink Shoes Green Bench by Vicinity Studio.

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