And Now for the Rest of the Face

A few years ago I read an article about skin care, written by a dermatologist and published in Blueprint Magazine (which is now, unfortunately, defunct).  The good doctor stated flatly that "aging skin" really needs to be treated with a retinoid.  

Since I've been in absolute denial about the whole thing, I refused to accept it.  Instead I continued to lie to myself and lean heavily on the somewhat flimsy belief that my skin was too "sensitive" for such a product.  

About a month ago, bolstered and emboldened by my positive experience with the SkinMedica TNS Night Eye Repair, and facing the ever mounting evidence that my skin is, in fact, aging, I decided to try the SkinMedica retinol complex.  

Y'all, I have to tell you that while I am not the least bit happy to admit that I need it, apparently I did.  And I have to add that - damn - but I love it.  

I've been using it about every other night along with my Skinceuticals hydrating B5 gel and my trusty Lubriderm and my skin looks great.  I was worried that it would make me either break out or dry out and as long as I don't overdo it, it's been OK.  I did get a little bold and use it 2 nights in a row, but on the 3rd night I noticed that I was feeling really "dry".  I decided to lay off and use the superhydrating Aquafor that I keep under the sink for just such this type of emergency.  FYI, the Aquafor was also recommended by a dermatologist as a non-clogging, heavy duty moisturizer. 

My skin feels much firmer and looks much brighter. 

I have just finished ordering SkinMedica TNS recovery complex and I will report back to the committee after an appropriate test period.

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