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This is the new Haruka Dinnerware at Crate and Barrel.  According to their website, it's a freeform white dinnerware, made of Asian ironware, that features the distinctive look of origami. 

I just think it's pretty.  

I do not, however, think that it's prettier than the Halo dinnerware, of which my cabinets are full.  

It is pretty enough that I bought the creamer and sugar bowl to sit out on my counter and make themselves useful for the morning coffee.


  1. How did I miss the trip to C&B? We should have stopped on Sunday.

  2. It IS very pretty...must check it out during my next jaunt to Crate & Barrel. I use Maison for my every day dishes and really love it...very simple and clean so the food can be the star of the play!

  3. My friend has Maison. I kind of fell in love with the Halo. I'm not sure I'd want a full set of the Haruka but the fold detail is really pretty on my sugar bowl, for a minimal investment.


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